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June, 2023

Darin Bergsven, solo set


DarinBergsvenMusic, YouTube


June, 2023

Darin Bergsven, solo set



DarinBergsvenMusic, YouTube


June, 2023

Featured Guest: ???


DarinBergsvenMusic, YouTube


June, 2023


                                 Enjoy this playlist of highlights from past Coffee & Guitar solo performances! 

There Is A Mighty Forest

A mighty forest of great guitar players in northern Minnesota that stretches from the shore of Lake Superior to the headwaters of the Mississippi. Coffee & Guitar brings those great players together to make music, and to share their guitar stories and insights.

Tune in! 

Coffee & Guitar is a weekly hour-long livestream that celebrates and tells the story of the guitar music and guitar players of the Minnesota Northwoods. It streams live every Saturday morning from Darin Bergsven Guitar Studio in Duluth, MN, near Chester Creek and features monthly guest guitarists from across the region. Join me live or enjoy anytime at your leisure.


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Guest Singles

Highlights from past featured guest performances on Coffee & Guitar.

Guest Sets

Full episodes of past featured guest performances on Coffee & Guitar.

Solo Sets

Past full length episodes of solo performances on Coffee & Guitar.

Featured Guests

Upcoming Guests

The 2023 Season of Coffee & Guitar is packed with awesome guest guitar slingers from across the Northwoods, like Doyle Turner, Kim Curtis-Monson, and Superior Siren and 2024 kicks off strong with Erik Koskinen!

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This Month: ???

Who will join us this month? It’s a mystery! I hope we can get to the bottom of it soon!

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Past Guest

There have been so many AMAZING Northwoods guitar giants on Coffee & Guitar, from Sam Miltich, Skarlett Woods, to Alan Sparhawk! Check out singles and full episodes from all of our fabulous former featured guests on YouTube.   

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Northwoods Blues Licks

Look for a new installment each month!

Northwoods Blues Licks is a series of instructional videos, each featuring a tasty blues lick improvised by a past guest.

This series offers detailed insight into local guitar legends’ approaches to a very common musical form: the twelve bar blues and provides for an exchange of melodic ideas among a community of Northwoods guitar players who are deeply interested in each other’s playing and are connected through a shared love for this place, its people, and its music.

Check ’em out! Leave a comment! Let me know about the lick you learned from your favorite local lead guitar legend and how you use it in your playing! Take a quick video of yourself playing the lick and drop a link in the comments!




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